Sunday, July 26, 2009

ೊ۩ೊ HeaRT KeePeR ೊ۩ೊ

~HeaRT KeePeR~

This is how it starts

You begin the search

For the Keeper of your Heart

Someone you can trust

So faithfulness is a must.

Mustn’t be confused with lust

You don’t want to make a vow

Then just wait for the dust

For the Keeper of your Heart

Is someone you can trust.

A heart needs to pulsate

Blood to circulate

Doesn’t need to be made out of silver or gold

But rather something you can constantly hold

Throughout the day or night.

Now, it’s easy to love

When everything shines on you with warmth

It’s easy to love

When what you have always brings comfort

But when the coldness sets in

And the shaking begins

Will the Keeper of the Heart win?

Where does one start?

Like a circleLet’s meet in the middle

And bring each other – to keep - our hearts

And give them to the ONE who will see to it

They’ll never be torn apart

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